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How Inflammation Can Lead to Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens your bones making them prone to breakages and fractures. While the exact cause of Osteoporosis remains unknown it is understood that issues relating to your hormones, how your bones work, and how your body handles certain chemicals contribute to the onset of the disease.

New studies have shown that inflammation, or when your body is fighting against bacteria, can also lead to weakened bones.

When you have inflammation, it can make certain cells in your bones break down more bone tissue than usual. This means your bones get weaker and thinner. This weakness causes other cells in your bones from making new bone tissue which also contributes to the weakening of your bones.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation can happen when you have certain diseases, like arthritis or bowel disease. It’s important to get treatment for these conditions to prevent further bone degradation. Pay attention to the ingredients within anti-inflammatory medicine as this too can lead to weakened bones. Studies have shown that long-lasting inflammation can lead to osteoporosis. More research is required to understand how inflammation affects bone health in everyone as all bodies are unique and react differently in many cases.

They say that prevention is better than cure, especially in instances where no cure is available. While we wait for science to decode the phenomenon that is osteoporosis and weakened bones, Cal20 provides customers with the opportunity to live a stronger life for longer with optimal bone health supported by a calcium supplement that actually works. Common calcium supplements are derived from limestone whereas Cal20 uses a patented process to extract the calcium available in dairy whey which is paired with vital probiotics to aid in the body’s absorption of up to 85% of the calcium within Cal20.

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