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What makes CAL20 so unique?

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Why is Cal20 different to other calcium supplements?

1) Cal20 is 100% pure, natural cow milk calcium 

2) Cal20 is the only calcium supplement to contain Probiotics 

3) Probiotics can increase the absorption of D3 in Humans 

4) Probiotics can increases the absorption of Calcium in Humans 

5) Milk Calcium is a highly bioavailable form of calcium. 

We use a patented extraction technique, we call ultrafiltration, which gives a higher yield of absorbable calcium from whey. The percentage absorption of Calcium has been estimated to be 64.2% from Whey Mineral Concentrate without the addition of Probiotics. However when Probiotics are added, multiple benefits are seen with further enhanced absorption of Calcium.

Other critical factors that makes Cal20 near 100% bioavailable

1. Probiotics in our formula renders the medium in the small intestine acidic, which facilitates greater absorption of minerals by making them more soluble.

2. Phytates in food inhibit the minerals by making them insoluble. Phytates are the stored form of phosphorus found in seeds, nuts, legumes, and unprocessed whole grains. Probiotics produce Phytases to neutralize the Phytic acid and thus help in retaining minerals in their soluble form for better absorption.

3. Both Lactose in Cal20 and the Probiotics may enhance Calcium absorption through the Paracellular route as well. Normally Calcium in its ionic form can be absorbed through CaCO2 pathways intracellularly by ionic transportation. Passive diffusion of non-ionic Calcium does not happen with CaCO3 and is wasted.  

4. Besides enhancing the absorption in the small intestine, Probiotics liberate SCFA (short chain fatty acids) like Butyrate, Propionate and Acetate in the large intestine, which enhance the mineral uptake by the colonocytes and thereby further enhance the mineral absorption. Short-chain fatty acids are the primary products of the breakdown of non-digestible carbohydrates by gut bacteria.

5. It’s estimated that the absorption of Calcium and minerals in Cal20 is near 100% due to the above mentioned factors. 

6. Probiotics also provide Lactase enzyme to neutralize lactose intolerance in sensitive patients. 

7. Calcium in Cal20 is available in micronized form, which itself is a significant factor for greater bioavailability of Calcium. 

8. Probiotics may help in Bone mineralization. 

9. Most intriguing fact: Calcium Carbonate depends on an acidic medium for absorption but CaCO3 by itself is an antacid. No other calcium supplement on the market currently provides a solution for phytic acid and Paracellular absorption in a scientific way like Cal20 does.

10. Last but not the least, calcium from WMC (whey mineral concentrate) provides Calcium:Phosphorus balance of 2:1 as in the bones to ensure proper absorption of Calcium 

Take action now

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects a third of the world’s population, which in itself is seriously significant and should not be ignored.

In 1999 and 2000, when we moved away from mainstream calcium due the side effects like constipation and kidney stones, osteoporotic fractures increased by 25% worldwide. Estimates are that this number will increase by 100% over the next 20 years. Luckily Cal20 is now on the market and we have the ability to change those deadly statistics.

The reason this is a killer disease is because once a bone is fractured, 20% of patients die within a year, 60% are disabled to some extent and only 20% recover.

How to tackle the problem

Osteoporosis rates number four after Heart Attacks, Dementia and Lung cancer. The best way to fight this killer disease is to not let your bones get into osteoporotic state in the first place.

Do these things now:

  1. Take Cal20
  2. Do some form of resistance training and go for daily walks.
  3. Eat a healthy diet high in foods rich in calcium and protein and cut out sugar
  4. Get good sleep
  5. Get enough Vitamin D from 10 mins of daily sun exposure and through foods like oily fish, eggs, mushrooms, dairy and cruciferous vegetables
  6. Maintain a healthy body weight – being too thin or overweight is damaging to your bone health.
  7. Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol
  8. Be aware of your osteoporosis risk factors and have a bone density scan if you are over 50.
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