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Younger For Life is a community dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their health by using food as medicine and tapping into the power of self-healing. We recognize that the journey towards optimal health can be challenging, especially when conventional solutions fall short. Our mission is to transform this struggle into a positive experience by providing clear guidance on carefully selected supplements and resources that support the healing process.

Our Mission

Our overarching mission is to assist you in navigating the overwhelming variety of supplements and information available, by sharing insights from our personal experiences, expert medical advice, and data-driven clinical trials. Through this approach, we will empower you to make well-informed decisions about the optimal choices for your health and overall well-being.  Our internal vision is to be known as the brand that can be trusted and sells dietary supplements that work.

Our Beliefs

The founders of Younger For Life have personally experienced the limitations of traditional medicine and have turned to natural remedies to find effective solutions. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a healthier, longer life through access to reliable natural supplements, professional advice, and a holistic approach that can be trusted.

Our Commitment

We strive to help you navigate the vast array of supplements on the market by offering insights from our own experiences, expert medical opinions, and evidence-based clinical trials. Our goal is to enable you to make informed decisions about the best options for your health and well-being, as we support you on your journey towards a vibrant, healthy life.

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Our Launch Product: Cal20

Scientific studies have shown that Cal20 has demonstrated efficacy in over 85% of clinical study participants, increasing bone density and reversing the thinning of bones caused by osteoporosis without any associated side effects. Consequently, it offers a reliable solution for individuals intent on bolstering their bone health.

Now in store

Make your bones Stronger for Longer

A Break-Through Calcium Rich Mineral Complex

  • Developed by nature and refined by us
  • A calcium rich mineral complex extracted from milk
  • Mineral content ratios that match those found in human bones
  • Paired with vitamin D3, isoflavones and probiotics
  • Demonstrates near 100% absorption
  • No reported side effects in any of the clinical studies.
  • Alleviated symptoms associated with Osteoporosis in over 85% of participants in clinical studies.
  • 120 day money back guarantee (see terms here)
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Client reviews

“I did not want to stay on the bisphosphonate drug Boniva that I was taking since 2018. I read that 5 years is the maximum amount of time you should stay on these drugs as they can cause long term issues like jaw necrosis and femur fractures. So when you told me about Cal20, I happily went off the Boniva and only took your supplement that has shown to increase bone density. When you find something, you know it has nothing bad in it and is pure, you just want to keep taking it, especially if it makes you feel good. I know everything in Cal20 is good. It just has what the label says it has in it and it works.”
Judy White
My nails are no longer breaking or peeling even though I garden all the time. I used to think it was the soil that made my nails break but now they are firm and strong. I can definitely see a difference in my hair too. It is much healthier than what it was. On the whole I feel really good since taking Cal20 and I will definitely keep taking it.
Jill Bowden
“After taking Cal20 for two years my bones are not osteoporotic anymore and I only have osteopenia. This is so significant because normally you go downhill when you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis, even if you do take the pharmaceutical drugs that your doctor prescribes.For me, improving my bone density so significantly is incredible and yes it has made a huge improvement in my life. I don’t suffer with pain anymore. I used to suffer with significant lower lumber backache and that has improved immensely. It really has changed my life now and going forward!”
Lindi Botha
Insights and further reading
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What makes CAL20 so unique?

We use a patented extraction technique, we call ultrafiltration, which gives a higher yield of absorbable calcium from whey. The percentage absorption of Calcium has been estimated to be 64.2% from Whey Mineral Concentrate without the addition of Probiotics. However when Probiotics are added, multiple benefits are seen with further enhanced absorption of Calcium.

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Osteoporosis: The Silent Killer | Younger 4 Life | Cal20 Bone Repair

Osteoporosis: The Silent Killer

Osteoporosis literally means “bone that is porous”, It is a disease in which the bone density and bone mass is reduced . This loss of density and mass causes the bones to become more porous thus more brittle and fragile. This in turn increases the risk of fracturing the bones if you slip or fall.

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