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Beyond Bones: Calcium’s Unexpected Key to Aging Gracefully

Beyond Bones: Calcium's Unexpected Key to Aging Gracefully


Aging is an intricate biological process that every living being experiences, but what if we could tap into the secrets of slowing down this natural phenomenon? A groundbreaking study from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shed light on a captivating connection between immune cells, calcium signaling, and the chronic inflammation associated with accelerated aging. Moreover, this research opens a door to potential interventions that could help manage age-related health issues, including osteoporosis. In this article, we delve into new research into calcium signalling and the potential of calcium to slow down the aging process. Cal20, a milk calcium mineral complex, has demonstrated impressive outcomes in countering osteoporosis effects and could potentially also aid the body in combating inflammation.

The Role of Calcium and Mitochondria

Mitochondria, often referred to as the cell’s powerhouses, play a pivotal role in a wide range of bodily functions. Calcium, a mineral typically associated with strong bones and teeth, is crucial not only for bone health but also for blood clotting, muscle contraction, heart health, and nerve activity. The study conducted at UVA Health has unveiled an intriguing link between immune cell aging, mitochondrial dysfunction during calcium signaling, and chronic inflammation – a hallmark of accelerated aging. Specifically, when immune cells called macrophages age, their mitochondria lose the ability to efficiently receive and utilize calcium signals.

By increasing calcium absorption by these mitochondrial macrophages, we may be able to prevent dangerous inflammation and its adverse effects.”

Aging Immune Cells and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

The study, led by Associate Professor Bimal N. Desai, focused on immune cells known as macrophages. As these macrophages age, their mitochondria lose the ability to effectively receive and utilize calcium signals. This loss triggers persistent inflammation, which has been identified as a significant contributor to various age-related health problems. Chronic inflammation, often termed “inflammaging,” is associated with cardiometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers suggest that enhancing calcium absorption within these immune cells could potentially mitigate harmful inflammation and its adverse effects.

The implications of this research are profound. Macrophages are essential components of our immune system, responsible for clearing out cellular waste, detecting infections, and maintaining overall health. By targeting these immune cells with therapeutic interventions, researchers could potentially halt the progression of age-related neurodegenerative illnesses. The study’s lead scientist, Bimal N. Desai, emphasized that this discovery represents a significant conceptual advancement in understanding the molecular mechanisms of age-associated inflammation.

Cal20: A Beacon of Hope for Aging Bones

While the study emphasizes the importance of proper calcium utilization within immune cells, it’s worth exploring how calcium supplementation can contribute to overall health, particularly in tackling osteoporosis. In the past calcium supplements have been formulated from calcium citrate and calcium carbonate sourced usually from limestone.  This form of calcium is very difficult for the body to break down, absorb and then utilise. Almost 98% of a common calcium capsule is not absorbed.

Cal20, a revolutionary milk calcium supplement, has gained attention for its potential to reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, characterized by brittle and weak bones, is a condition commonly associated with aging.

Cal20 contains a unique blend of calcium, minerals, plant nutrients and probiotics, which have shown incredible results in clinical trials. In a 2-6 month period, 87% of participants showed marked increased in bone density. Unlike traditional sources such as calcium carbonate and citrate, the minerals found in Cal20, mirror the minerals found in human bones and also maintain the same ratios. This gives rise to Cal20’s remarkable efficacy and effectiveness.  By providing the body with a readily absorbable form of elemental calcium, Cal20 has shown to improve bone density and strength, thereby combating the effects of osteoporosis. While the study at UVA Health primarily focused on immune cells and inflammation, the results regarding calcium signalling and its connection to aging is fascinating.  This highlights the potential benefits of Cal20 and the multifaceted role of calcium in promoting overall health and longevity.

Navigating the Complex Path to Slow Aging

While the idea of slowing aging by simply increasing calcium intake might seem appealing, the reality is more intricate. The focus isn’t solely on boosting calcium levels, but rather on optimizing calcium utilization within macrophages. This UVA study’s findings have illuminated the intricate molecular machinery involved in this process, paving the way for potential interventions. While taking a new age calcium supplement like Cal20 is certainly going to increase bone density and resilience, the key lies in activating this mechanism in aging cells, potentially unlocking the path to slow aging.

Nutrition, Exercise and the Quest for Longevity

Incorporating calcium-rich foods into our diets remains a valuable strategy for maintaining optimal health as we age. In addition to supplements like Cal20, which are designed to address specific health concerns and promote longevity through bone health, a well-balanced diet will always provide essential nutrients that support immune function cellular vitality and ultimately bone health. Foods such as tofu, nuts, fatty fish and calcium-rich vegetables such as edamame beans and most leafy greens, must continue to play a significant role in our nutritional choices.

Exercise is paramount to maintaining optimal health and well-being. Regular physical activity strengthens the heart, bones, and muscles, enhances blood circulation, and boosts the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently. Beyond the evident physical benefits, exercise also supports mental health by reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhancing cognitive functions, and promoting overall feelings of happiness and contentment. In essence, consistent exercise is a cornerstone of a holistic approach to health and longevity.

A Collaborative Journey Toward a Healthier Future

Associate Professor Bimal N. Desai’s research underscores the importance of collaboration across scientific disciplines in unraveling the mysteries of aging. This interdisciplinary effort, spanning fields such as computational biology, immunology, cell biology, and biophysics, highlights the dedication and determination required to make ground-breaking discoveries. As we move forward, Desai envisions a future where the intricate mechanisms controlling cellular processes are decoded, leading to innovative interventions that can positively impact human health and aging and Younger For Life shares this visionary goal as a company.


The University of Virginia School of Medicine’s research marks a significant step toward understanding the complex interplay between immune cells, calcium signaling, and chronic inflammation in the aging process. This newfound knowledge has the potential to pave the way for interventions that not only address age-related health issues but also contribute to extending our vitality and overall well-being. Cal20, the innovative calcium supplement, offers a ray of hope in the fight against osteoporosis and serves as a testament to the multifaceted benefits of proper calcium utilization.

As science continues to unlock the secrets of aging, we inch closer to a future where age-related diseases are better understood and potentially mitigated, paving the way towards healthier more vibrant years that are within reach for us all.


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