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Addiction Demystified | Younger for Longer | Cal20

Addiction Demystified

There is probably a pretty clear link in your mind between cravings and addiction – the difference is a matter of degree – and you might wonder how we know when we have moved from craving alcohol, for example, to being addicted to it? It comes down to the chemicals.

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Is Serotonin all we need to be Happy | Younger for Longer ,Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

Is Serotonin all we need to be Happy?

For 50 years, Seratonin has been regarded as the brain’s primary ‘happy hormone’ or, to put it more accurately, neurotransmitter. In addition, treatment for depression has commonly been spearheaded by drugs like Prozac, which increase serotonin’s availability in the brain. This type of medication, known as SSRI drugs (which stands for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), works by preventing serotonin from leaving the synapses in the brain. The more serotonin, the better the mood.

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