Younger for Life, Cal20, Osteoporosis, Bone Support, Osteoarthritis

Amp up your KetoGains with Cal20 from Younger for Life

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Younger for Life, Cal20, Osteoporosis, Bone Support, Osteoarthritis
Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

Hello Ketogains Warriors!

“You’ve made an incredible decision by signing up for the Ketogains Bootcamp, and we’re here to add even more fire to your fitness journey! Introducing a special collaboration with Cal20 from Younger for Life to help you build stronger, healthier bones. A foundational key to living a longer, healthier life.”

Luis Villasenor, Bootcamp Coach

Younger for Life, Cal20, Osteoporosis, Bone Support, Osteoarthritis

Why Cal20?

Developed by nature and then captured with all its natural properties intact. Cal20’s unique formula is crafted for optimum absorption at nearly 100% bioavailability. With mineral content ratios that match those found in human bones.

Find out more in the short video below!

  • In the United States it is estimated that 50% of women over the age of 50 have osteoporosis and 25% of men.

  • Cal20’s effectiveness is backed by our clinical studies.

  • Increased bone density and reversed the effects of osteoporosis in 87% of participants with no reported side effects.

  • The infusion of vitamin D3, plant nutrients and probiotics improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium effectively and helps significantly with bone mineralisation.

Here's Our Exclusive Offer for YOU:

As a valued Ketogains Bootcamp participant you are eligible to receive a 3-month supply of Cal20 ABSOLUTELY FREE! Click on link to sign up for our Insight Journey program.

How to Join the Cal20 Insight Journey Program?

Why participate?

Your transformational journey can inspire and guide countless others. By documenting your experience, you not only chart your bone health progress but become a beacon for others looking to elevate their health and longevity.

Don't Miss Out!

Join hands with the synergy of Ketogains Bootcamp and Cal20's magic. But remember, this offer is exclusive and slots are limited.

Dive deeper, push beyond limits, and craft the finest version of yourself!