Younger for Life, Cal20, Osteoporosis, Bone Support, Osteoarthritis

Introducing Cal20: A Break Through Calcium Bone Health Supplement

Are you tired of weakening bones and the associated pain? Ready to take control of your bone health and live your life to the fullest?
Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

Cal20 is a revolutionary supplement specifically designed to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia. In clinical studies over 85% of participants saw a significant improvement in bone density and many saw a reversal of Osteoporosis.

Learn about Cal20 and it's effectiveness

Watch a short two minute video on Cal20 and find out how radically different this innovative product is from common calcium.

A natural mineral complex extracted from milk. The minerals found in Cal20 are the same minerals, in the same ratios that are in human bones.

Younger for Life, Cal20, Osteoporosis, Bone Support, Osteoarthritis
Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

+-60% Calcium

Elemental Calcium is the most abundant mineral in bones and in Cal20.

+-30% Phosphorus

Phosphorous combines with calcium to form hydroxyapatite crystals, which is the primary structural component of bones and teeth.

+-8% Magnesium

Magnesium is another essential mineral found in bones. Magnesium contributes to bone structure and plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body.

+-2% Potassium

Potassium is also present in small amounts in bones. It is essential for maintaining proper fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contractions.


Sodium is present in bones in trace amounts. It helps maintain fluid balance within the body and plays a role in nerve function and muscle contractions.

Supporting ingredients added to Cal20


Vitamin D3 – aids the body to absorb the minerals specifically the calcium.


Soy Isoflavones – mimics the effects of estrogen which helps to wake up the osteoblasts which builds our bones.


Probiotics – aids in the digestion and absorption of calcium into the bones.

Discover the Cal20 Difference

Client reviews

“I did not want to stay on the bisphosphonate drug Boniva that I was taking since 2018. I read that 5 years is the maximum amount of time you should stay on these drugs as they can cause long term issues like jaw necrosis and femur fractures. So when you told me about Cal20, I happily went off the Boniva and only took your supplement that has shown to increase bone density. When you find something, you know it has nothing bad in it and is pure, you just want to keep taking it, especially if it makes you feel good. I know everything in Cal20 is good. It just has what the label says it has in it and it works.”
Judy White
My nails are no longer breaking or peeling even though I garden all the time. I used to think it was the soil that made my nails break but now they are firm and strong. I can definitely see a difference in my hair too. It is much healthier than what it was. On the whole I feel really good since taking Cal20 and I will definitely keep taking it.
Jill Bowden
“After taking Cal20 for two years my bones are not osteoporotic anymore and I only have osteopenia. This is so significant because normally you go downhill when you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis, even if you do take the pharmaceutical drugs that your doctor prescribes.For me, improving my bone density so significantly is incredible and yes it has made a huge improvement in my life. I don’t suffer with pain anymore. I used to suffer with significant lower lumber backache and that has improved immensely. It really has changed my life now and going forward!”
Lindy Botha

Why Choose Cal20?

Our breakthrough formula, backed by years over 20 years of scientific research, combines the power of a calcium rich mineral complex extracted using a patented process from milk. The mineral complex matches the major mineral complex of our human bones.

Multiple studies have shown alleviation of symptoms associated with Osteoporosis for over 85% of the participants

Elemental and ionic calcium and with a particle size of less than 40 microns. Cal20 has near 100% absorption by the body

A patented pure cows milk minerals complex extraction process technology creates this unique formulation

Infused probiotics improves the ability to absorb calcium effectively and helps with bone mineralisation.

Y4L, younger for life, cal20, bone fortification, calcium supplement

120-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

We’re confident that Cal20 will transform your bone health and improve your quality of life. That’s why we offer an industry-leading 120-day money-back guarantee to people over the age of 50 and living in the USA (T&Cs) Learn more

Get 3 months free Cal20 - Apply for our 100 person case study program.

The study aims to assess the benefits of taking this supplement for three months, specifically for individuals who are over 50 years old, reside in the USA, and have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. (T&Cs)

All accepted will participants receive a free 3 month supply of Cal20 including delivery costs. Apply Here

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease